Free Writing lesson for Muslim authors

Free Writing Lesson for Muslim Writers

Learn how to write your novel more easily by connecting on a deeper level with with your story characters with this free writing lesson, learning valuable lessons from the enduring works of Rumi, Fariduddin Attar and Ibn Arabi.

An ISBN enables your book to be available in bookstores and libraries

Do I need an ISBN for my book?

You need an ISBN if you want your book to be available through booksellers, online retailers and libraries. Print on demand services such as Amazon’s KDP or IngramSpark may offer free ISBNs, but there are disadvantages to using them, especially for print formats. Using a free ISBN will mean that the publisher imprint listed for …

Arabic transliteration

The best fonts for Arabic transliteration

What are the best fonts to use for Arabic transliteration? There are different transliteration systems, one of the most commonly used being the IJMES transliteration system. Certain fonts do not have all the correct glyphs for diacritics used in Arabic transliteration and will replace these with a font that does, making your transliterated text look …